Performers – Team Registration

Performing at Salsambo Dance Fest Cancun means performing on stage with the best of the best in CANCUN!
  • Special rates will be available to performers who perform at our event.
  • Limited number of spots are available. 
  • Submit your team video for approval ASAP
  • The GR Soloris stage is pretty amazing….we look forward to sharing this opportunity with you and your team, so get us that video ASAP!


Here is your check list:

(1) Complete the Team Approval form below (one per team)

(2) Receive the “Approved to Perform”  Email from Salsambo

(3) ONLY AFTER you have been accepted – Purchase all of your Performance Passes as 1 transaction. Each Member of the Team must have a performance pass in order to perform at the event. No exceptions. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED!  Performance Passes may be transferred to a full pass if participant can no longer perform. The difference of the Full pass must be paid as well as a $25 transfer fee.   

(4) Start planning your trip to Cancun!



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yes-approvedPerformance Pass
(only purchase if you have been approved to perform)

**** Submit 1 payment per Dance Team

$80.00 per person – Now through December 31, 2016

Early Bird Performance Pass